CASE STUDY – Globe Telecom

Introducing our latest case study, where Wagawin, in collaboration with EssenceMediacom Philippines and Globe Telecom, a leading telco company in the Philippines, spearheaded a campaign to promote the Go+99 prepaid service.
The strategic partnership leveraged Wagawin’s cutting-edge conversational advertising technology, focusing on driving exceptional engagement while simultaneously amassing exclusive audience segments primed for activation on Facebook.


Here are the noteworthy Key Metrics:
  • Click Through Rate (CTR): Achieved a commendable 0.79%.
  • Engagement Rate: Boasted an impressive 3.32%.
  • Audience Collection: Garnered a substantial +80k audience base, meticulously segmented based on  vouchers interest, ensuring targeted messaging.
  • Audience Activation Results in Facebook: Witnessed a remarkable 37% increase in CTR compared to the benchmark, coupled with a significant 45% reduction in Cost Per Click (CPC).


This collaboration exemplifies the power of innovative advertising solutions in not only capturing audience attention but also in delivering tangible results, driving forward the success of promotional campaigns.


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